One Nucleus

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OxStem Limited

Company type
Dr Carolyn Porter
Chief Business Officer 
Dr Stuart Collinson

Phion Therapeutics

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PhoreMost Ltd

PhoreMost is a new-model drug discovery company based in Cambridge, UK: Using its core expertise to open up new ‘druggable’ target space and working with a global network of co-invested academic and industrial collaboration partners, we aim to bring a wide array of novel ‘targeted’ therapies more efficiently to market and pass these cost savings onto patients.

Company type
Dr Sam Barker
BD & Alliances 
Dr Neil Torbett

Random 42

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Scottish Development Internationanl

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Shield Therapeutics

Company type
Mr David Childs
Director of Product Supply and Commerical Alliances 
Dr Mark Sampson
Chief Medical Officer 

The Bridgehead Group

Company type
Dr Laurence Callow
Chief Executive 


Therakind is a private European pharmaceutical company with the primary objective of increasing the availability of authorised speciality medicines and ensuring that these medicines are both safe and effective.

Therakind creates, develops, and improves paediatric and other speciality medicinal products and has already successfully brought two paediatric medicines and a further speciality medicine to market. An extensive pipeline of products is under development.

Company type
Dr Susan Conroy