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Rates, costs and discounts
Will I get the early bird rate if I register before the cut off date?
Can I call or email you to get registered?
What other costs should I consider?

My Invoice
When will I receive my invoice?
What are the payment terms?
Can I pay by credit card?
What will my invoice include?
Will my invoice be emailed direct to me?
Will I pay VAT?

My partnering account and my online profile
How do I receive confirmation of my registration and partnering details?
How do set my availability and book meetings at the conference?
Why do I need to upload my profile to 2 different websites?
Who sees my profile?
I don't want to receive emails from other delegation members
How do I send a message to another delegation member?

My Optional extras
What networking is available at the conference?
Can I benefit from a group hotel booking as a UK delegate? 

Travel and accommodation
How do I get to the venue from the airport?

Rates, costs and discounts

  •  Rates are shown at http://biopartner.co.uk/events.php#event:2490
  • The early bird rate applies to standard rate tickets and increases by $200 after that date.
  • We are not able to discuss your registration or invoice on the phone and we need to record your details and agreement to T&Cs in our online system, so please register online and email us with any query.
  • You will pay for your own hotel and flights. 

My invoice

  • Our invoices are usually sent out on the first Friday following your registration, as email attachments from our online finance system. There will be a delay if you are waiting for a grant decision from DIT or presentation request from BIO. Our members receive extended payment terms and will not be invoiced until approximately 8 weeks before each event.
  • Payment terms are 15 days, or 30 days members, 5 days new accounts. If you have exceeded these terms in the past we may ask for a PO number or payment before we accept your registration.
  • Charges levied by credit card merchants would make our business as a non-profit trade body unsustainable, and payment must be by bank transfer.
  • Your invoice will include everything you have requested: hotel, entry fee, freight etc.
  • Your invoice will be emailed to you and/or your named assistant or finance contact.
  • We are obliged by law to charge VAT on all invoices for all service elements, but not for direct costs such as conference entry. If you have provided your UK VAT number, you will only be charged for the £GBP elements of your invoice such as delegation fee and freight. 

My online profile

  • Your partnering login details are sent directly from BIO One to One partnering. If you do not receive the email, you can ask us to look up your username and password.
  • Login to the partnering website and publish your profile and availability. We recommend blocking out the first and last time slots to avoid an unmanageable schedule.
  • In addition to your partnering profile, we offer promotion of your company in our own delegation directory. This is not linked to the conference website.
  • The directory is publicly visible and the link is circulated to overseas networks and all UK attendees, and appears on several BioPartner web pages.
  • Open your Account and click your name at the left of the page to open your personal details edit form. Check the 'Disable emails' box. Click Save at the end of the form.
  • Use the Search function to find someone, then click 'send message'. Both parties receive a copy of the message you create. 

My Optional extras

  • All networking receptions are free-of-charge and listed at the Networking Programme menu item above.
  • Some benefits can only be offered to our members, such as our partner hotel special rate, because we are not funded to support all UK delegates. There is no block hotel booking for this event. Members will also be able to book Club Quarters Hotel at a very special rate.  


  • You can send us your flight arrival time and we will match you with others that want to taxi-share; if you can claim the fare on expenses, please offer to subsidise fellow passengers. For those that wish to use public transport, directions are at the conference website Hotel and Travel page.

Additional Information for Grant funded companies

  • When you register for the event at our website, tick the box to request an application form and you will receive it by email within 24 hours. We cannot send an application form if we do not have your details and agreement to T&Cs in our online system.
  • Register and return your application form as soon as possible. If grants are over-subscribed we cannot hold one for you, and will offer it to the next eligible company.
  • If your grant application is declined, you can cancel your registration without penalty. If you decide to attend, you can do so as a regular partnering delegate with discounted entry fee.
  • At the event you will need to take a photograph on site, or send us your partnering schedule as proof of attendance, and afterwards to complete a short feedback form as an email attachment.
  • When we receive funds from DIT (4-8 weeks later), we will email you with a credit note and ask for your bank details to make payment.
  • Your account with us must be in credit before we issue the grant; we cannot offset overdue fees with the expected grant. 

Any other questions? Send them here for inclusion and an answer by email