UK Department for International Trade

A number of companies shown here with profiles and logos are financially supported by the UK government's Tradeshow Access Programme.

DIT will be represnted by:

Hilary Glidden, John Lownds, William Turnbull and Jiansheng Du (China specialist) UK based Life Sciences Organisation John Hoggard and Dwayne Punnette, New York John MacLennan, Boston Liz McCargo, Washington DC Stuart Allen, Chicago Kelly White, Toronto Julio Evaristo, Mexico Marcio De Paula, Sao Paulo Danilo Santos, Sao Paulo Silvina Lindner, Montevideo Ellie Darkin, Bogota

Alderley Park

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AMS Advanced Medical Services

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Company type
Ms Kathryn Hutchinson
Managing Director 

Aptus Clinical Ltd

Aptus Clinical is a specialist UK- based oncology clinical research organisation which helps life science companies to optimise their clinical development strategies and effectively transform promising molecules into valued medicines.

What makes Aptus Clinical different is our flexibility – our clients benefit from our network of highly experienced and skilled experts from all technical disciplines, but only pay for what they need, when they need it. Our scientists have global expertise in all aspects of drug development so no challenge is too great, and being highly professional, they integrate seamlessly into a client organisation. This gives our clients all the benefits of an in-house clinical department, but at 
a significantly lower cost. In addition, our well-established relationships with some of the world’s leading experimental cancer centres, access to large patient populations and flexible arrangements to support optimal project delivery are just a few of the benefits to be gained from working with Aptus Clinical.

Company type
Dr Steve McConchie

Biorelate Limited

Biorelate helps scientists solving the most difficult biomedical challenges of today. We do this by curating truths from existing knowledge, enabling smarter and faster research & development.

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Dr Daniel Jamieson
CEO & Founder 
Mr Nick Sullivan
Head of Commercial 

Boyds Consultants Ltd

Prof Alan Boyd
Dr Julie Warner
Director, Regulatory Affairs 
Ms Siobhan Gaynor
Director, Business Development and Boyds Ireland 

CIMYM BioSciences Ltd

CIMYM BioSciences was established to develop oncology and immunological therapeutics.  At CIMYM we believe passionately that drug development can only be successful if it is patient centred; ‘Begin with the patient in mind…’ As a healthcare company we recognise an exceptional idea to fill a medical need, build a network and then establish a clinical utility that will improve patient care.  CIMYM uses its expertise to manage value-enhancing activities in the development process of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. It takes a patient-centred approach to co-develop innovative products and in turn licenses the rights for manufacture and marketing to other pharmaceutical companies for license fees and royalty payments.
Company type
Ms Yvonne Joseph
Managing Director 
Mr Andrew Mackie
Corporate Development 

Closed Loop Medicine

Dr Hakim Yadi

CPI (Centre for Process Innovation)

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Creativ - Ceutical

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